Blanchard PTF is a nonprofit, nonsectarian, nonpartisan organization. Our purpose is to

  1. to encourage communications among the home, the school and the community so that all may cooperate intelligently in the education of the child; and
  2. to raise funds and conduct activities in cooperation with the school administration to enrich the process of education.

Any parent of legal guardian of a child enrolled at Blanchard Memorial School or any individual presently employed in the Boxborough school system is a member. Together, we work to enrich the school environment and the children’s experience at Blanchard.

Full Blanchard PTF Bylaw.

Board Members

President: Shelley Lawson

Vice President: Laura Spurling

Treasurer: Marcia Russo

Corresponding Secretary: Soojin Eriksen

Recording Secretary: Charlet Mallett

Webmasters: Peishan Bartley & Heather Brennan

Grants Chair: Becky Harris

Room Parent Coordinators: Joanne Lee & Cathy Watson